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Water & Corruption

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Watched a program on TV the other night about the water situation in Gela. As I’d just written the previous post on water, it was pretty interesting! Basically the local petrochem works have polluted the water table to hazardous levels. The solution? The government trucks in water for free, like Galway.

Oh, no, wait, this is Sicily. The solution is that the cittidini have to buy their water from private suppliers – who happen to get their water from a non-polluted public supply! How fantastic is that? Not only have the State allowed a company to destroy the water supply for an entire city, they’ve allowed private companies (probably owned by, or paying off, the local officials, regional officials, and for fucking sure cosa nostra) to get a monopoly on drinking water.


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July 27, 2007 at 1:34 pm

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