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Mafia on the Mind

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Now the other day I wrote that a friend was involved in an accident and that night had the car burnt out. For me it’s fairly clear – the guy involved is pissed she’s taking action against him, and burnt out her car as a lesson.
Except nothing is ever that simple here in Sicily. The girl lives in a town near Palermo that is heavily controlled by Cosa nostra, and that changes everything.

Take for example Cinisi, the place where Peppino Impastato was born, fought, and killed. He was born into the mafia (father, uncles, all mafiosi for the most part), he fought the mafia all his life (calling the mafia a “mountain of shit” was the least of it), and was killed by the mafia (they beat him to a pulp in a cowshed, stuffed some dynamite in his pockets, took him to a local railway line, and blew him up).

Recently the boss of Cinisi turned, and has showed that the grip on Cinisi is still rock-solid. So that raises a burning question, pardon the pun. Given that her town is under the shadow of Cosa nostra – did her car get burnt with or without the permission of the local men-of-honour?

If not, then that guy is really really stupid, because the mafia really don’t like things to happen in their areas that might bring the attention of the police and provide an excuse for outsiders to stick their noses in.
If he did have permission – then my friend is in a lot more trouble than we thought.

Me personally, I don’t think the local mafia give a flying fck about the whole thing, but then I’m not Sicilian and I don’t understand. Even after a year, I still don’t see the hidden things, and I’ve given up trying, ‘cos I keep twisting myself into knots over what somebody said, what they didn’t say, what might what they said mean, what might what they didn’t say mean, and why didn’t they say it, Why did they say what they said?

To quote Gen McAuliffe in Bastogne – aw nuts!! I’ll just take everything at face value, and more the fool those who think less of me because I’m honest!

Written by seancasaidhe

May 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm