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Ganley just won’t shut up

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Jesus, what does it take to get this guy to shut up?  Resoundingly rejected by the electorate during the European elections, still under a cloud about the mysterious funding for that campaign and the first Lisbon vote, the guy lives and works in America, so what the fuck does he want coming to Ireland and spouting off about democracy?

First Interview
His first interview on the second Lisbon vote, the very very first interview, before anyone else, before he even announced coming back, was to the Wall Street Journal.  What does that tell us, people?

That Ganley’s only concern is business in the United States!  And what’s good for US business?  A weak and divided Europe, of course.

The Treaty in plain English
Just today, Ganley is again spouting any ould rubbish to scare people, banging on about a consolidated tax base.

That RUBBISH, people.  The French and Germans have been trying that for years and years, and the Brits and Irish are always shooting it down.  The EU does not, and will never have, any say in how the Irish goverment taxes it’s people and industries.  Never. 


Because the Irish corporate rate of 12% is hugely lower than the big EU countries, and that’s why all those American firms came here to set up – Intel, Google, EBay, Yahoo, etc. etc. etc.


If you ask someone who’s voting “No”, why, they’ll say “Oh, abortion..” or “Tax!” or “Defense”.  But the Lisbon treaty doesn’t affect any of those issues at all.  100% BS.  Rubbish.  Lies.  Misleading.  Crap.  The Lisbon treaty says that on the issues that concern the EU

  • we’re changing how we vote
  • in the future, we can change again without having to pass new treaties

It doesn’t give the EU new powers over ANYTHING that the EU doesn’t already have power in. 
That means

  • Tax policy – no change
  • Health policy – no change
  • Defense policy – no change.

So what does he want?
Ganley wants a No vote because America doesn’t want a unified EU foreign policy.  Doesn’t want a unified EU trade position.  Doesn’t want a unified EU anything!  Furthermore, Ireland outside the core EU will be more reliant on the US.  We’ll need their investment more than ever.  Good trade deals.  Even less tax.  More incentives. 

Of course the US-based Ganley (with $7m contracts to the Pentagon) wants a No vote.  It’ll be good for HIM.

But an absolute fucking disaster for the rest of us.

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September 14, 2009 at 12:11 pm

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Dodgy Developers Disposing of Assets

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The Minister of Finance, Brian Lenihan, has been spouting for ages that NAMA will pursue developers to the full extent of the law and their personal guarentees.  People would be losing houses left, right and centre.

Of course, it’s not going to be anything like that at all.  While you or me, if we owe money and can’t pay it back, will lose our homes, cars, posessions and anything else the bank can sell, people with good solicitors and money to pay for barristers won’t lose a fucking penny.

First of all, Lenihan has already provided an out for developers – the government can’t take a developers family home, even if it has been offered as security, if the wife didn’t “consent” to it.  Note the verb.  Not “Didn’t KNOW about it”.  Didn’t “consent” to it.  And as well all know, consent is a funny thing.  You can do something without having ‘consented’ to it.  Take statutory rape as a good example.  A young person cannot consent to sex. 

So now the door is open to good barristers;
“Your Honour, Mrs. X did sign that document, but she did so under pressure from her husband…” 
“Your Honour, Mrs. X did not have independent legal advice and could not have consented…”
“Your Honour, Mrs. X will testify that she did not read the document and was assured by her husband…”

So on and so forth.

And really clever people will already have transferred all the assets they can to other parties.  The Irish Indo have just published that Liam Carroll has transferred both his houses to his wife’s name way back in March.  A transparent attempt to avoid personal responsability for his crazy deals, yes.  Dodgy as fuck, yes.  Legal?  You bet your ass.

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September 6, 2009 at 9:30 am

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What I’m reading… Undaunted Courage

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What I’m reading is;

Another book by Stephen Ambrose, author of “Band of  Brothers”.  This one’s about the expedition by Lewis and Clarke across the continental United States in 1803.  Difficult to get into but getting more interesting now that I’m into the actual expedition part.

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September 1, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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Anti-Lisbon ideas!

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Just back from an interview in Dublin, so I had some time to think on the bus.  I came up with some pretty good ideas for the No Campaign against the Lisbon treaty.  I reckon that, seeing as how they’re all such awe-inspiring arguments, they need a common slogan to tie them all together.  I’m going for;

I’m with Stupid

Bear with me.  My idea is having this yokel in a T-Shirt adorned with, on one side, a Pro-Life sticker, and on the other, a badge in the form of the famous ‘Sniper on Duty’ sign from South Armagh.  Thus neatly marrying the craziness of the far-right-Christian lobby with the far-left Sinn Feiners.  And maybe one of those falling bomb outlines in the middle with “Libertas” written on, yer man Ganly having made all his money supplying munitions to the US and all.

Then there’d be “I’m with Stupid” above said yokel, and the obligatory “Vote NO for Lisbon” underneath.
I think it’s a bloody great idea.

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September 1, 2009 at 5:35 pm

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Wow it’s been a while and a lot has happened.  And now I’m blogging again.

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August 30, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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What I’m reading right now – Gomorrah

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Good book. Well worth getting for a read. Much more immediate than Dickie’s work on the mafia, but less scholarly and polished. Dickie is the Irish Times, and Saviano is the Indo. If the Irish Times did investigative journalism, that is. Which it doesn’t.

Dreams from my father


Anyway – Saviano really spins out a good line, and I’ll have to read this in the Italian because apparently there’s a lot lost in the translation.

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April 8, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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Dreams from my Father

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I’ve just finished this book and one major thought jumps out at me… dude, where’s the ambition???

I mean, seriously, one doesn’t become POTUS by accident. Especially if you’re black. I mean, seriously.

Dreams from my father

Dreams from my father

The book is a great read by the way, but it comes across sometimes as a road-map to political power, especially when read together with “The Audacity of Hope”. The whole “community organiser” thing – I didn’t even know what the hell that was until I read this book. And seeing that a lot of “The Audacity of Hope” was about how clueless Obama was about fund-raising – dude, where did the budget for all your organising come from? Manna from they sky? Or were you laying it on a bit thick in the second book, playing the ‘awe-shucks’ country-boy routine? It’s clear from “Dreams from my father” that Obama was already a slick political player in Chicago, and that was before the shark-infested waters of Harvard law school.

The bit about the trip to Africa seemed bolted on to the rest of the book, really, more about establishing his black bone-fides than it was about exploring more who Barack Obama is, was, or might be. I mean, being president of the Harvard Law Review might lead people to be doubtful about the man (the other famous black lawyer is Clarence Thomas – one of the trio of extremely-right-wing justices on the Supreme Court!). Best get those African roots in the book then.

Still, a decent book and well recommended for anyone who wants to know a bit about Barack, although one could skip “Dream of my father” and go straight to “The Audacity of Hope” for a better look at where his politics are.

Go out and buy it now.

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April 8, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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