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Bye Bye Bertie

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It’s quite sickening how the bloody-hungry pack of howling dogs (“wolves” would be a metaphor too far!) that was the Irish press have turned into a big flock of bleating sheap over Bertie – each journalist outdooring the other in saying “Ah sure, I always liked Bertie, it was the other rags that were doing him in”. At least Brendan O’Connor has been consisent in his bootlicking of the ex-Taoseach so his latest article isn’t that out of place.
But the Indo is certainly leading the pack as far as I’m concerned (or the flock, rather); just a few weeks ago we had Senan Molony writing a very negative review of Aherns Sky News interview.
The list could on, but Google only gets me back a few weeks and that’s been enough time for every paper to fill up with how fantastic Bertie really is and how awful the Tribunals are.
Face facts folk – the guy was banking home multiples of his take-home pay! He obstructed the Tribunal at every turn. It’s taking years to dig out of people information that they clearly don’t want getting to the light of day.
So good riddance to Bertie, you won’t hear me complaining.

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May 11, 2008 at 10:55 am

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