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Johnny Cash – Hurt

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My friend Filippo posted on Facebook the video of “Hurt”, the Johnny Cash version. What a great video.  My dad was a big Johnny Cash fan, and I remember listening to him when I was a little kid.  Of course, we broke all the records over the years, vinyl being so brittle.  Eventually Johnny Cash was no more in the Cassidy household, and stayed like that a long time.

I remember then, sometime in 2001/2002, hearing the “Personal Jesus” cover that Cash did for American IV (The Man Comes Around) on the car radio.  I wasn’t impressed – let’s blame the car radio instead of me 🙂  I thought – man, what an awful song – what the hell happened to him?

I dunno when I heard another song from his Rick Rubin-produced albums, but something grabbed my attention.  I went out and bought American Recordings, the 1994 album.  Hey, I was only 10 years late to the Cash revival 🙂  I think maybe it was my interest in blues guitars, and in American Recordings it was just Cash and his guitar.  Maybe it was “Thirteen” that struck me.

Anyway, I loved that album, and went straight out and got all the other ‘American Recording’ albums. Some songs I loved, some not so much.

Anyway, Hurt blew ’em all away.  He took a song about heroin and turned it into a song about life.  Johnny Cash had the experiences to sing this song with conviction and weight.  He knew all about the down side of life, he’d been there and he’d come through.  All the fame  he had, all the things he had, were transitory.  He’s won and lost more times, he’d been down and got back up.  At least, at the end, he was on a high, and not one of the too many lows.

For anyone interested in Johnny Cash, if you have to get one album, I recommend Folsom Blues.  Cash at his darndest crowd-playing entertainer best.

RIP Johnny Cash.

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Written by seancasaidhe

March 31, 2009 at 6:24 pm