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Smart Car Hating

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Damn I’m starting to really hate Smart Car drivers. You know, in Ireland, it’s a commonly held opinion that BMW drivers are the worst drivers on the road.

Whereas here, in Sicily, it appears that Smart Car drivers are the biggest dickheads on the road, certainly in my experience. Zipping down the emergency lane at high speeds. Insane overtaking on curves, one-lane regional roads, and no-overtaking zones. Overtaking at high speed on the autostrada, only to exit immediately after hard braking. Driving at motorway speeds through residential areas.

Yep, seen all of those. It appears that driving a Smart Car actually makes you dumb. Whereas BMW drivers are all just arrogant wanna-be executives thinking with their dicks.

Written by seancasaidhe

August 9, 2008 at 6:19 am