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After de Mendes – Ian Tomlinson

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Awful enough that no-one has been held responsible for the death of Jean Charles de Mendes (remember, that guy shot in the head 8 times in Stockton tube station due to a catalogue of screw-ups?), now we have an ordinary bloke getting floored by physced up cops and dying. What the fuck???

It’s clear that Tomlinson is not a happy man in this encounter. It’s clear that he’s pissed about something. He’s surly. He’s not exactly co-operative. He’s not walking away at the pace that the police want him to walk at. Witnesses have alleged that there was another encounter shortly before that film was taken when he was again pushed to the ground.

But he is WALKING AWAY. He has his back turned to the police. He has his hands IN HIS POCKET.

He was not a threat. He was not resisting arrest. He was no disobeying police orders.

What the hell is that cop doing knocking him to the ground? I don’t normally use bad language in my blog – but what the FUCK!?!?!

That’s assault, is what that is. Pure, outright, vicious, assault. And all the other cops standing around, sworn to uphold the law. What do they do? Nothing. They look the other way.

Then the usual Met bullshit PR gets trotted out. Our officers weren’t involved. Protesters pelted us when we tried to help. Terrible incident.

The same BS they trotted out after they shot de Mendes – an innocent man – in the fucking head. “Directly related to terrorism” etc. etc. even when they absolutely knew that he was nothing of the sort. Dirty the name. Introduce doubt. Blur the lines.

The officer that assaulted Tomlinson crossed the line. One giant fucking step across the line. He should be put on leave straight away and put through disciplinary proceedings. The police inspectorate have already fucked up. They were too quick to close the case, hand it off to the police to investigate. With all the CCTV cameras in London, you would have thought that they’d check one or two to see what happened. Now, it must complete the investigation asap and publish the report without delay. The other officers should also be put through disciplinary proceedings for their part. The whole fucking Met should be put through retraining.

They’re supposed to be there to protect citizens – not assault and kill them.

Seriously, he was just a bloke making his way home. Just like you, and just like me.

Ian Tomlinson – RIP.

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Written by seancasaidhe

April 8, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Posted in Sicily

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