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Dreams from my Father

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I’ve just finished this book and one major thought jumps out at me… dude, where’s the ambition???

I mean, seriously, one doesn’t become POTUS by accident. Especially if you’re black. I mean, seriously.

Dreams from my father

Dreams from my father

The book is a great read by the way, but it comes across sometimes as a road-map to political power, especially when read together with “The Audacity of Hope”. The whole “community organiser” thing – I didn’t even know what the hell that was until I read this book. And seeing that a lot of “The Audacity of Hope” was about how clueless Obama was about fund-raising – dude, where did the budget for all your organising come from? Manna from they sky? Or were you laying it on a bit thick in the second book, playing the ‘awe-shucks’ country-boy routine? It’s clear from “Dreams from my father” that Obama was already a slick political player in Chicago, and that was before the shark-infested waters of Harvard law school.

The bit about the trip to Africa seemed bolted on to the rest of the book, really, more about establishing his black bone-fides than it was about exploring more who Barack Obama is, was, or might be. I mean, being president of the Harvard Law Review might lead people to be doubtful about the man (the other famous black lawyer is Clarence Thomas – one of the trio of extremely-right-wing justices on the Supreme Court!). Best get those African roots in the book then.

Still, a decent book and well recommended for anyone who wants to know a bit about Barack, although one could skip “Dream of my father” and go straight to “The Audacity of Hope” for a better look at where his politics are.

Go out and buy it now.

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April 8, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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