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Bloody credit card

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Mike over at techdirt has commented on getting robocalls about a long-expired customer account, which brought to mind my own problems with

I bought a domain there in 2004 for the standard 1 year.  By the time the year was up, I wasn’t interested anymore and let it lapse.
In June 2006, I got emails telling me that the account was suspeded.  Do I care?  No.  I was in India, mate!
Then an email telling me the account was re-activated!  Being in India, I didn’t worry about it too much.

The in Dec I got an “Order Confirmation” email notifying me that I was going to get billed €120.4 for the account – which AFAIK was closed.  In fact, at the same time, I got another email telling me that the domain had expired!  What, getting billed for an order confirmation that I didn’t order, on an expired domain??

Obviously I emailed – the only address in the email.  Which bounced.  Being in Australia at this time, there wasn’t much I could do so I let it slide.  By the time I got back to Ireland, it was too late to try to charge it back.

Around June I started getting emails from Acid about suspending the account etc.  I emailed back asking them to delete the account.  Email – bounced timing out – obviously like to send email out, but don’t like to get any in!

In Dec, I get an email telling me the account has been “resumed”.  Just in time to bill me again.  Another €120.4 .  This time, there’s another email address; – which still didn’t work.

So I looked up who owns the domains, and emailed them instead – and they said they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, and that me and my credit-card aren’t on their systems.  Mystery!  Who the hell is billing me?  The issuers of the credit card, Tesco weren’t interested and didn’t care (which was their attitude to just about every problem I had with that card), so after multiple emails, and no satisfaction, I changed cards.  Screw ’em, try to charge a dead card and see what happens!

And I duly recieved a nasty-mail in January (presumably after their unauthorised debit had been bounced due to a dead card number!);
Sat 26 Jan 2008
Subject: Your hosting account will be deleted soon
Your account will be deleted on 09-Feb-2008, due to the fact that as of
26-Jan-2008 your account has an outstanding balance of -€120.40.
Your failure to make payment on your account may prompt us to take legal action
to collect the account immediately.

Prompt legal action?  I should be the one prompting legal action, the feckers have been billing my account for 3 YEARS without permission!  Anyway after this they seemed to have deleted the account.  Who wants to bet that they’ve “unpaid bill” put this on my credit record?


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Written by seancasaidhe

October 25, 2008 at 7:37 am

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