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Veltroni vs. di Pietro

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So Veltroni is saying the pact between his PD and di Pietro’s “Italy of Values” is dead.  Apparently because di Pietro doesn’t want Italia di Valori to be subsumed by the PD. 

In classic di Pietro style (I’m liking this guy more and more!) he dismissed the whole affair by saying that Veltroni was just a ‘collaborator’ with the government.

As usual, a short, sharp, and 100% accurate putdown from the former Tangentapoli magistrate.  Bravo!

This after a previous clash when Veltroni parroted di Pietro about the lack of involvment by Napolitano (the President of Italy) in day-to-day politics, and the next day di Pietro was asked if he agreed with Veltroni, to which he replied;

“Veltroni says today what we have said previously – and now you’re asking me if I agree with what myself and ‘Italy of Values’ have been saying from the beginnning?”

Too funny!

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October 20, 2008 at 10:42 am

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