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Back at work after a  few days (well, 10 really) and it’s really hard to get back into the working-mode.  Getting distracted by just about everything, which is the downside of working remotely.  Even though I’m in an office environment, I don’t have the stimulus of my collegues to keep me focused and on-track.

Catching up with my email after all that time away from a computer – Dell have told me they’ll have to replace the motherboard of my laptop ‘cos the charger isn’t recognised, but they can’t do it from Ireland so I have to contact Dell Italy, which should be fun.  It was charging fine last night while I was orgnising photos in Lightroom, so I think it’s the AC Adaptor, or the cord coming from it, which is probably suffering after being wrapped around the A/C block for two years.

Apart from that, Owen has mentioned changes to ISSA Ireland membership – for one thing, the fees will be cheaper, which is good, and then there’s gonna be some sort of online forum.  I really miss being involved in security work and that whole scene back in Ireland 😦

My friend Erika has landed a big contract with a hotel here in Palermo, which I’m really happy about – congratulations!

And finally – it’s raining!

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September 24, 2008 at 8:58 am

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