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Nothing to eat!

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You know what kills me about living in Palermo? The simple fact that I can’t eat when I’m hungry. Take for example today, Sunday. There’s nothing open! It’s like Ireland, in the ’80s. Lunch time rolls around, and even after 6 months, I still think “Oh, let’s go down to the cafe and grab a bite to eat”. A’Mio laughs. “But where? Everything’s closed!”

What sort of a city is this where the cafes don’t open on Sundays?? Yes, I know everyone goes visiting their nonna or parents, but I want to eat! And I can’t, because not only is everything closed, I forgot AGAIN to stock up on the Saturday. So it’s cereal time again – oh, no, there’s no milk. Goddammit, what a pain in the ASS!


Written by seancasaidhe

July 29, 2007 at 9:27 am

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